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Beta Entry Will Help You to Get Control Of Your Finances To Create A Profitable And Thriving Business.

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Bookkeeping & Business Management Services

Beta Entry provides bookkeeping, analysis, and management consulting for business owners throughout New Jersey.  We offer a wide range of services to help manage financials and business operations.  You can choose from one of our remote bookkeeping options or have us come to work on site

Remote & On-site Bookkeeping

Beta Entry can help streamline your flow of information to more efficiently and accurately account for your business’s transactions.  We have the ability to work in your office or remotely!  This allows us to provide a very customizable bookkeeping solution that fits your business.


Having all of your financial data organized efficiently and accurately is the foundation for understanding your business’s health. How do you use the data to make the best decisions for your business?  Our team, can help analyze and interpret your financial reporting, and then form a plan of action to move toward your business’s goals.


Do you have a budget in place?  Are you looking to make a major purchase or major change to your operations?  We can help put a realistic budget in place to help you feel comfortable with the decisions you’re making for your business.


Did you know that 1 of every 3 small business owners gets penalized by the IRS for payroll errors?  Beta Entry will help set up and manage all your payroll responsibilities.

Accounts Payable

Paying bills can sometimes fall victim to procrastination, and result in late charges and unhappy vendors.  Whether it’s time or cash flow constrictions, Beta Entry can help alleviate the stress of bill pay by appropriately managing accounts payable.

Accounts Receivable

We help our clients invoice customers and accurately account for payments received.  Beta Entry can help collect on overdue balances and help you make decisions on bad payers.

Business Bookkeeping Services

Beta Entry Approach

Beta Entry helps small business owners understand the health of their business through financial analysis and assists in achieving the financial and quality of life goals put in place when the business was created.
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Is Beta Entry A Good Choice For You?

Business Issues We See

Businesses seek out bookkeeping services for a variety of reasons. Here are some that we have encountered with our own clients. See if any of these common business scenarios match your current situation. Call us to get your plan in place.

Not Meeting or Undefined Business Goals

Setting goals is vital for your business.  Too often, business owners run out of time during their busy work day to prioritize putting a plan in place to achieve their goals.  Beta Entry can help establish Short Term and Long Term Goals, and determine what changes may need to be made to achieve those goals

Trouble Paying Bills

Weeks and months go by really fast for most business owners.  Just when you think you’re all caught up, the following month’s bills come in!  This happens more than most business owners would like.  Beta Entry can help alleviate that stress.  We can help manage bill pay and communicate with business owners when circumstances surrounding bill pay are strained.

Always Surprised At Tax Time

You don’t have to spend countless hours organizing expenses, invoices, interest payments, and payroll at tax time. You also don’t need to deal with an unexpected tax bill…because you can be prepared all year long for tax time. Imagine not having to think about your bookkeeping (or lack of it) in March? Beta Entry can help.

Don't Have A Set Budget

Operating without a budget can be dangerous.  Understanding your financial data, and its history, can really help establish a reliable budget.  Being able to forecast the impact of major purchases on your business is an invaluable biproduct of having a reliable budget.  Beta Entry can help put a budget in place that you can rely on.

Don't Have A Bookkeeping System

Beta Entry specializes in creating a bookkeeping process that works for you and gives your accountant the data they need when tax time comes.  Customizing this process, while putting in place a system of double checks to ensure your data’s accuracy, is the first step to creating an accurate financial foundation that you can understand and depend on.

Considering Quickbooks

Beta Entry can help you decide which product is the right fit for your business.  Are you considering switching from the desktop version to QuickBooks Online?  Beta Entry can help you determine if that makes the most sense for how your business is set up.

Like Hiring A Bookkeeper Without The Expense Of An Employee

Beta Entry Team

Our growing team of bookkeeping professionals and financial consultants provide a variety of business services for small-to-mid-sized businesses in throughout NJ.


What Clients Are Saying

Wil H.

Owner, Pain Relief Chiropractic

We have a high volume practice with many transactions and expenses. Tom and his team at Beta Entry, LLC make sure we are on top of our finances and our bookkeeping. It is a big relief knowing someone is on top of our cash flow. Now I can focus on helping patients feel better!

Ellen N.

Executive Director, Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of NJ (PLAN/NJ)

Tom Perry recently updated our social service agency’s bookkeeping and accounting processes. What a difference! We now provide even better comprehensive care coordination services to the individuals with significant disabilities whom we serve. I am extremely pleased with the results. Tom quickly acclimated to our current systems and swiftly involved us with the latest technological advancements needed. He upgraded our compliance with best accounting and bookkeeping practices, and we are now much more effective in the way we do things. Further, Tom worked very well with everyone on staff, engaging our social workers who are more oriented toward client health and well-being, and less on financial aspects. Tom helped our entire team understand the ‘why’ of accounting and bookkeeping practices, improving their everyone’s efficiency and effectiveness. Thank you, Tom!

Lorraine P.

Owner, Lorraine's Cake Shoppe & Tea Room

When we first opened our doors in February 2018, we had no idea how busy we would be right away! The success of our little Tea Room has blown us away, and Tom and his team at Beta Entry, LLC have been instrumental in keeping us organized and focused on bottom-line success.


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