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Business Management & Bookkeeping Services

Beta Entry provides a full range of management consulting, bookkeeping and analysis services for business owners throughout the New Jersey area. Our services are designed to help manage your business financials and operations. We even provide the option to choose one of our remote bookkeeping options, or we can come and work on site.

Onsite & Remote Bookkeeping

Beta Entry can help you to streamline your information flow to more accurately and efficiently account for all your business transactions. We also can work in your office, or consult remotely. This will help us to provide you with a customizable bookkeeping solution to fit your business.

Consulting Services

Having your financial data efficiently and accurately organized is the foundation for understanding the health of your business. How you use this data will help you to make the best decisions for your business. Our experienced team can help analyze your data and interpret your financial reporting to develop a plan of action to help you move toward your business goals.


Whether you’re looking to make a major purchase or want to make a significant change to your business operations, a budget is vitally important. Our team can help you to put a realistic budget in place to help you make informed decisions for your business.


One of the most complex areas of running a small business is organizing the payroll. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 small business owners will find themselves penalized by the IRS for their payroll errors, placing a strain on your business financials. However, Beta Entry will help you to set up your payroll and manage your ongoing payroll responsibilities.

Accounts Payable

Small business owners can often find themselves struggling with accounts payable, falling victim to procrastination, resulting in unhappy vendors and costly late charges. Whether it is due to cash flow restrictions or time issues, Beta Entry can help to alleviate the stress of bill paying with appropriately managed accounts payable.

Accounts Receivable

We can also help you to invoice customers and accurately account for all your payments received. Overdue balances can place a massive strain on your cash flow, but we can help you to collect, helping you to make decisions on any bad payers.

If you need help with any aspect of Business Management and Bookkeeping Services, you can rely on us. The Beta Entry team has the experience and expertise to help you to move towards your business goals.


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